Huaxing optoelectronic announces the details of the OLED ink
Updated : 2018-08-30

  In May 22nd, Huaxing Power (CSOT, TCL ') in Shenzhen announced plans to build a 11 generation LCD+OLED TV factory. Huaxing optoelectronic second 11 generation line project is to invest in Shenzhen Guangming New Area for a month processing 3370mm x 2940mm glass substrate about 90 thousand eleventh generation ultra high definition new display parts production line, mainly producing and selling 65 inch, 70 inches, 75 inch 8K ultra high definition display, 65 inches OLED, 75 inch OLED display and so on. The total project investment of about 42 billion 683 million yuan. The project by the TCL group, Huaxing Power and Shenzhen city major industrial development funds to complete the joint venture, plans to achieve full production in March 2021.

  The latest news that the new plant will use the oxide TFT backplane, OLED business will also use the 11 generation substrate (may be cut into the actual OLED positive deposition). The 90 thousand substrates in the monthly production capacity, OLED production line will take 20 thousand tablets. The factory will start production in 2021.

  Huaxing Power released OLED inkjet printing details

  According to the news, Huaxing optoelectronic is making progress in the inkjet project and cooperates with Kateeva, Sumitomo chemical, Merck, DuPont and Tianma, as well as the scientific research team of Chinese universities. It is unclear whether these groups joined established by Huaxing Power and Pegasus in 2016 in Guangdong China printing display technology company.

  Huaxing optoelectronic believes that the inkjet printing technology of OLED TV will be available in the next 3-5 years, which means it can be used for the new 11 generation plant, but the plant may be steamed at the beginning of the plant.


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